bento addiction-do you ever have enough bento boxes?

So, I admit.I am positively addicted to collecting more and more bento boxes. My bento passion started with pouring over  some fantastic bento blogs and the fantastic Bento&co website for more than a year. I knew already then if I ever started bentoing there wasn’t going to be any end to it.  i already had some plastic lunch boxes that people use here to pack their sandwiches and I even had a tin box, but the object of my desire where those Japanese boxes that come in all seizes , shapes and colors.

So after a year I relented and placed my first oder with Bento&Co. My very first box was the black Ojyu Long. When it finally arrived it was even moe elegant and pleasure to just look at than anticipated.

So here it is in all its glory

pumpkin season

So here in Germany summer definitely has gone. I wonder has it ever even arrived here this year?Don’t think so.  We had a mixed and rainy summer.


The more I now enjoy the first wonderful weeks of autumn. The first leaves already are falling down, the gardens are full of dahlias and sunflowers, the branches of our apple tree are so loaded with apples that they nearly touch the grass, the  soft golden autumn light is already here-i love that special light that makes everything seems so peaceful and perfect. And it is pumpkin season. Oh, how I love pumpkins! I relished the full flavour of the first pumpkin soup this season, couldn’t get over the sweetness and softness of the roasted pumpkin or the gorgeous pumpkin ravioli.

So today I had tried for the very first time pumpkin japanese style.

The recipe seemed so simple, I didn’t really expect it to taste that much and was completely awestruck at the wonderful flavour and texture of the pumpkin. and it was all so easy and quick.

I also got some yellow French beans from the market. the yellow ones are my favourites. When i look at them they take me back to my grandpa’s garden when i was a child . we always had the Yellow French beans for bean salad.Preparing them with miso and sesame was quite daunting to me and very much a risky experiment

But what i can tell you: the pumpkin and the beans turned out so mouth-watering I couldnt’ stop eating them straight from the pan.

I also had some tofu to use up. Our local Asian grocery store makes some fantastic organic tofu but it nearly expired its due date so i decided to marinate and fry it .


I wish I could send you the smell of those three simple, but wonderful dishes. It was a feast. So now I need to figure out how top do more justice to those wonderful dishes and take better photographs that are as mouth-watering as the real dishes.

A fresh start

Thanks all friends for moving with me to my new home at wordpress. I have been unhappy about blogspot for some time and am overjoyed to have a fresh start here.

So this blog is going to be about everything that makes me dream. Actually I was going to call it Bentobliss or Bento Gardener, but not only were the names already taken, no, I also realised that my bliss not only comes from making wonderful bentos, but also from gardening, reading,… so this is going to be about my life and the small things that make me smile.